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Galisteo Arts Association and La Sala de Galisteo Merger

The merger between the boards of the Galisteo Arts Association and La Sala de Galisteo is progressing smoothly. A committee headed by Greg Boardman, president of Galisteo Arts Association, (GAA) which produces the annual Studio Tour, and Greg Salustro, president of La Sala de Galisteo (La Sala), which produced arts programming in the historic building on Highway 41, is in discussions on forming a single nonprofit entity. Along with the two board presidents, the committee includes: Shaun Gilmore, John Miller, and Roger Taylor from the La Sala board, Leslie Dyer from the GAA board, as well as community leader Jean Anaya Moya. Matthew McQueen, state representative for NM House district 50, is facilitating the process between the two organizations. Greg Salustro says, “our missions to support the arts in Galisteo and promote our community as a major arts center have always been in alignment.” From an operational standpoint, the merger makes sense. According to Greg Boardman, “given our limited resources, by combining operational functions such as marketing, finances, fundraising, and volunteer participation we can be far more efficient.” Paperwork to combine and create a single nonprofit could be filed with the state as soon as this summer. Community input and suggestions are encouraged. Please contact Greg Boardman at and/or Greg Salustro at

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